Zebra Blinds

Zebra window blinds as most people call it “Day and Night” window blind has been trending for quite some time now. Some people just purchase it because they want a change of window treatment, some purchase it because it is easy to control, while some people purchase it because a friend/ family/ colleague(s) installed window blinds in their space and they loved the appearance but most people do not know the functionality of the blind.

Zebra window blind is a modern window treatment which enables you to control the level of daylight and privacy within your space. The vision range of Zebra window blinds are created using double or triple layer fabric which consist of colorful stripes and transparent layers. In a closed position, one layer of fabric overlaps the other to obscure the transparent stripes completely and create a continuous layer of opaque color for complete privacy.

Zebra blinds filters daylight, minimizes UV rays, and reduces computer screen glare. Zebra is a perfect fit for your homes, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, etc. It gives a modern chic appearance to your Interior.

Key Benefits of Combi Shades (Zebra Shades or Banded Shades):

1) Relatively Flat surface like a roller shade but with 3 main settings — Open, Closed, and Up — versus 2 main settings for roller shades (Up and Down);

2) Lots of fabric finish options for both light filtering and room darkening fabrics.  Can easily coordinate with other room furnishings and finishes including drapery and upholstery.

3) Lightweight so easy to lift large shades.  Easier to lift means that the shades will be used more frequently thus maximizing the benefits of having this shade;

4) Full day-time privacy in Open setting due to sheer layer — you can see out while people outside cannot see in.  (In comparison: open shutter louvers or horizontal blinds slats does not provide privacy.  They must be closed for privacy).

5) Fabrics are anti-static so does not collect dust — no cleaning required!

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